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The use of tanti saaj started right from the beginning of Sikh history when Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to tell Bhai Mardana ji to play the rabab, that baani is coming from up above. He would tell Bhai Mardana Ji to do sangat with him as they would both together sing the praises of the blessed vision of the divine. From there onwards, as the divine light of Guru Nanak Dev Ji changed its physical form, different saaj were highlighted throughout the history of the Sikh Gurus including Saranda during the time of Guru Amar Das Ji, and Guru Arjan Dev Ji's time, Taus, Dhad, and Sarangi during the period of Guru Hargobind Sahib ji, Mridang during the times of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji, and Tanpura during the period of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji. These instruments have been used to enhance the connection with Shabad Guru. Today, in addition to the puratan instruments, the harmonium has gained popularity, along with other western instruments like the violin, and the guitar. Here is some basic information about the various saaj used from the beginning of Sikh history till today.

Sri Gurmat Academy (SGA) has been founded with an aspiration to keep Guru Sahib Ji's tradition of using tanti saaj as a tool to connect with Shabad Guru alive. SGA is a humble attempt to equip the current and future generations with the knowledge of gurmat sangeet and tanti saaj to join them with Shabad Guru.

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