Learn to sing Guru's word on Tanti Saaj or Harmonium

A Typical Class is between 30 minutes and 75 minutes.
Beginner Classes last for 60-75 minutes.
Intermediate / Advanced Classes last for 30-45 minutes.

There are no yearly or monthly subscription fees. Fees are charged for each lesson and the lesson depending on the students level may take anywhere from 30-75 minutes.

Timings: Classes are offered Monday – Saturday from 10am to 6pm (California, USA time). Please contact us for the availability of open time slots.

More Information If you have a question about our classes, see our FAQ or send us a message.

1What age are Tanti Saaj Classes for?
Age is no barrier and anyone from 8 upwards can join. Classes are structured by ability for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Some groups are organized by age so students of similar age and ability can support each other. Younger ages maybe suited to smaller tanti saaj instruments such as the dilruba and sarangi.
2How often are classes?
Classes are daily during term time.
3Do I need to know Gurmukhi?
No, it is not compulsory. But if you learn how to write Gurmukhi and read and pronounce anything ... then it will help in classes.
4Can I join anytime?
Yes, you can join at any time. Can us or fill our online form and we will contact you.
5Do I need to be a Sikh?
No, that is not mandatory for all.

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