Designer Standard Size Dilruba

Designer Standard Size Dilruba

Dilruba: This professional-grade string instrument is made with the finest quality Tunn wood, a special treated skin covered soundbox, and is individually handcrafted with superior workmanship. Authentic high-quality parts include German strings, celluloid finishing, polished brass frets tied with long-lasting plastic strings, wood or bone bridge, and metallic finished keys.

It comes with a 28-29 inch nylon or horsehair bow, rosin, and an additional, complementary set of 4 main strings.

A fibreglass case is included with cushioned insides for protection from travel wear and tear, and in-built wheels for ease of transportation. Added features for the fibreglass case include secure metallic locks, a special combination lock for added security, a compartment for bow, additional space for rosin, and even a notebook!

Every Dilruba goes through a thorough quality check from our expert Tanti Saaj player to ensure and meet 100% standard for every individual Dilruba's workmanship and exceptional sound quality.

This video demonstrates the Sound Quality of Sri Gurmat Academy's specially designed fully decorated high-quality Professional Quality Dilruba made of well seasoned Tunn Wood. Available in two sizes for kids age 4-17 years and standard size for adults.

Products Details:
Dilruba Dimension: 125x28x22 centimetre with packing

1)Professional Quality Dilruba
4)Extra Strings
5)Fiber Case

$106.92 (tax) + $200.00 (shipping)
Total: $900.92
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